What kinds of reports are there?

In your Club’s group page, select the 'Reports' tab to share important important information back to Girl Up. On the right side you will see three options:

Kick-off Report

This report helps you set your top three goals for the year, let us know who are your club leaders and how many Club members, and provide your adult adviser's name and email, if your Club has one.

Progress Report

Progress reports are a great way to check-in with your goals, membership numbers, and how your club is doing overall. 

Activity Report

This type of report is for any Club activity, from Club meetings, advocacy activities, events or community outreach. Select the correct 'Activity Type' so you can earn points for the type of activity your club completed. Be sure to attach a picture if you can, and you might just get a shout out on Girl Up's social media!


What type of activities can your Club do? You can...
  1. Post a Social Media Post 
  2. Set Up an Information Booth
  3. Host a Club Meeting 
  4. Host an Event 
  5. Host a Virtual Event
  6. Fundraise
  7. Share Your Story Through Local Media Article or Blog Post
  8. Take Action with Advocacy 
  9. Organize a Community Service Project 
  10. Organize a School Assembly 
  11. Particiapate in a Club Challenge 
  12. Other 
Where do I find my reports?
  1. Click the Submit Report button in the navigation bar located at the top of this page
  2. Select your Club listed on your My Groups page.
  3. Click on the Reports tab on your Club homepage.
  4. Fill out your report!
Can't find it? Email clubs@girlup.org and we will be sure to help you find your Club page!

Why do Clubs have to submit reports?
  • Goal-setting and accountability are skills you use in school, university, and in any career. These skills help you plan successful activities, from meetings to bake sales to guest speaker events, and are crucial in building a sustainable Club. Girl leaders have said this part of reports makes them feel accomplished and confident.
  • Be an active Club in good standing with Girl Up by regularly submitting reports. If you don't report back to us, then we can't know what you've accomplished! If you have not submitted a report in a while, or feel that you haven’t done that many activities, do not worry. Girl Up wants to support your Club and hear from you. 
  • Get a shout-out on Girl Up's social media, monthly newsletter, or weekly Club of the week in Girl Up News! Yes, we see you and all of your hard work. To give you the recognition you're due, you have to tell us about all your amazing work.