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Storytelling 101: Stories Matter

Every great movement starts with a story. Building effective narratives is an important leadership skill. Because girls and women do not have the same opportunities to create stories or see them come to life, their stories are simply not being told, and their voices are not being heard. Girl Up is on a mission to amplify #GirlUpStories – sharing tips and resources on how young women activists can tell their stories, their way, and build effective narratives through photography, video, writing, social media, and public speaking.


Storytelling Spotlight

  • Why I Chose Video As My Career
    Why I Chose Video As My Career
    My love of storytelling started at a very young age. It was not uncommon for my sister and I to write short plays and perform them in our basement, while my mom filmed us. It was really a whole production, with costumes and set pieces made from cardboard. From acting out dangerous expeditions to discovering time travel, our imaginations were wild. But it ... more...
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