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Girls face barriers in accessing STEM at a much higher rate than boys. Learn how the STEM gap effects girls.

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STEM for Social Good

STEM for Social Good aims to inspire girls everywhere to use STEM skills to promote gender equality and change the world.

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Gender Gap in STEM

STEM is an intersectional issue. It’s important to understand that just like feminism, STEM exposure and opportunity is also an intersectional issue. Looking beyond just gender, other factors such as race, socioeconomic status, and sexuality all play a role in whether or not you are exposed to STEM training or hired in STEM jobs.

In the tech industry for instance, a wage gap exists for self-identified females, and the gap becomes even wider in underrepresented minority groups. It is important to understand the intersectionality of the STEM gender imbalance and recognize that girls’ STEM exposure and opportunities will look differently in various communities around the world.



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