Frequently Asked Questions

When you are just starting, spreading the word is key! Make sure everyone at your school knows about your Club. Whether it’s through colorful posters, morning announcements, or social media posts. Students have a lot of activities going on, so make sure you clearly state when and where meetings will be held. The more organized you are, the more likely students will show up and keep showing up. Don’t forget to use social media, too! Pro tip: make fun photo countdowns as meeting reminders on Instagram.

Girl Up requires that you have five core members. This is a Club, after all! Girl Up Clubs must be open to any individual that wants to join. We also know there is strength in numbers! Keep in mind the number of members in your Club is not as import- ant as the commitment of those members. By the way, boys can join Girl Up too!

It’s a good idea to designate roles for Club members to provide structure and set expectations for responsibilities. What you want to accomplish over the year will help determine what positions your Club should have. It’s up to you to decide if you want to host elections or appoint officers. The core officer positions are outlined in the constitution above but you can also have positions like photographer, social media and webmaster to ensure you Club page stays updated and active in the Girl Up Community and online in general.

Here at Girl Up, we value all Clubs equally because we know every Club has the potential to empower girls in their community and around the world. Clubs might look different and lead different types of activities, and we think that diversity makes our movement special. Clubs are encouraged to think about the issues facing their own communities and countries, and to set their own goals based on the difference t