Fundraising for Girl Up

You can fundraise to support girls' empowerment programs and gender equality around the world. Because of your fundraising, Girl Up invests in United Nations programs around the world that serve some of the hardest-to-reach adolescent girls. To date, Girl Up has raised nearly $10 million for UN programs and impacted more than 48,000 girls' lives

So how can you fundraise? Participate in our current fundraising challenge to keep girls’ health and safety: Fundraise for the Global 5K!

Girl Up offers fundraising challenges throughout the year for clubs, and there are tons of resources (check them out on the right) to help you come up with fundraising ideas and strategies. Check out a step-by-step video guide for creating your Club's online team fundraising page.

You can also participate in a personal fundraising challenge at any time:

  Donate Your Birthday
Make your big day about something bigger than yourself. For your next birthday, ask for gifts that give back. Now that’s something to celebrate. Set a goal tied to the age you're turning, like raising $1,600 for your sweet 16. Create your birthday fundraising page.

 Fitness Fundraiser
What's your favorite fitness activity? Run, bike, swim; whatever keeps you active, use it to raise funds for Girl Up. Girl Up supporters have used fencing tournaments, cross-country bike rides and Zumba classes to fundraise. Show your strength. Create your fitness fundraising page.

Donate Your Graduation Day
You’ve reached an important milestone. In honor of your graduation, ask for gifts that give back to support girls' education around the world. Because of you, more girl leaders can be empowered to change the world. Sign up to donate your graduation day. 

If none of these personal challenges speak to you, then create your own fundraiser.</

Upcoming Fundraisers

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