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We call ourselves "SOAS: Speak Out About Sex".

Kazakhstani school curriculum does not, unfortunately, provide a proper and necessary sexual education neither to primary and secondary schoolchildren nor to high school students. According to Karlygash Kabatova's nationwide research, most of the parents do not talk to their children about contraception methods, STIs, and sex overall. The only thing remaining for teenagers is to look for the needed information on the Internet, and some of them think, as a result, that their sexual health can be protected against HIV through the usage of antiseptic. 

400 Kazakhstani women die because of home violence - a year. Every 5.5 hours, one woman experiences physical violence. 23889 Kazakhstani people have fallen with HIV and AIDS. And finally, every fifth boy uses cellophane, because he cannot buy himself a condom.

We think, the situation has to change. Thus, we have created an Instagram blog, where we post useful information on SexED topics and which every teenager has access to. We also aim to organize SedEd-related events to make sure teenagers get helpful knowledge about their health, sexuality, and sexual rights.
We call ourselves SOAS. We Speak Out Abot Sex
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