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  • #shecanlead is a group initiated for mentoring and supporting young leaders,from campuses across the state, building capacity amongst young union leaders.
    we created seminars and lectures for our members, secure and attend both na...
    • Group Leader: Yildet
    • 111 Members
    • Public
    • PltSt, Nigeria
  • We call ourselves "SOAS: Speak Out About Sex".

    Kazakhstani school curriculum does not, unfortunately, provide a proper and necessary sexual education neither to primary and secondary schoolchildren nor to high school students. Ac...
    • Group Leader: luasa
    • 4 Members
    • Public
    • Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
  • Somos um grupo que visa reunir garotas que lutam por direitos autorais.
    Ressaltamos muito a importância da educação emocional e financeira para meninas.
    Desta forma, também lutamos pela Entrega de Recursos para Uma higiene Pessoal a...
    • Group Leader: Girlup15
    • 7 Members
    • Public
    • Nenhum, Brazil
  • This club was founded for many different purposes. This club would encompass everything from fundraising for girls in developing nations, developing leadership in our school, and allowing for discourse on feminist issues not only i...
    • Group Leader: celinechoi
    • 39 Members
    • Public
    • Texas+, United States Minor Outlying Islands
  • "A Voz Delas" tem como objetivo dar voz a todas as mulheres e falar sobre liderança feminina na nossa comunidade.
    Vamos compartilhar histórias, vivências e experiências através de muitas atividades interativas para todas as idades....
  • Our group works and will work towards achieving basic human right for everybody. This includes LGBTQ+ community, women and men that are forced into cookie cutters, etc. 
    • Group Leader: Lavisha
    • 8 Members
    • Public
    • Abu+Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • We are a group of students from the Theodoro Hertzl School dedicated to developing a program to raise awareness and make visible the inequality that exists in the sport for women and in this way, exalt their greatness in the sports world....
    • Group Leader: isabelmaya
    • 6 Members
    • Public
    • Antioquia+, Colombia
  • Ter acesso à produtos de higiene íntima não deveria ser um privilégio, e sim um direito. Partindo desta premissa, desenvolvemos o projeto “Absorvendo Amor,” buscando contribuir, em pequenos e grandes passos, para uma sociedade em qu...
    • Group Leader: constanzadp
    • 2 Members
    • Public
    • Rio+de+Janeiro, Brazil
  • We are a group of girls determined to empower and support one another in our community. Our club is open to anyone who is willing to join our mission. We plan on fundraising and planning events to support this cause. 
    • Group Leader: leslievega
    • 1 Member
    • Public
    • CA, United States
  • Clube criado por alunas do Etec Martin Luther King com o objetivo de juntar e empoderar meninas, mostrando tudo ou o que é possível fazer para mudar o mundo.  
  • African girls club:
    smiling then success follow 😁
    • Group Leader: Jackline
    • 4 Members
    • Public
    • Mwanza, Tanzania
  • Agoura Girl Up Club is committed to educating our community within the "Agoura Bubble" about the struggles that adolescent females face around the world and the steps that we as a community can take to help. At Agoura High School we meet t...
  • Our AIC Girl Up Club is newly-established and is designed to raise awareness and provide information about issues in today's society around the world such as gender equality and poverty. We strive to empower others to get involved, s...
    • Group Leader: Minseo Kim
    • 20 Members
    • Public
    • Auckland, New Zealand
  • To empower both girls and boys in our school community to make a difference in the U.A.E. and abroad. 
  • 1. Spread awareness to the world
    2. Gain women's bill of right
    3. Able for the girls to educated, healthy, safe, and counted, they transform their communities
    4. Make more people come into this movement
    • Group Leader: 12xieh
    • 1 Member
    • Public
    • Guangdong%2Fstudent%2FChina
  • Ready to change the world!
  • ALAG means different in Hindi, we name our club ALAGS Girl Up to help girls in a different way with your support!
  • We are a group of driven, inspired young people who believe that when ALL girls are given access to the resources they need, they can have a massive impact on making the world a more positive place.
    • Group Leader: Amandaa
    • 35 Members
    • Public
    • Ontario, Canada
  • Linving in the country side of a developing country i's not hard to find girls that are giving up their dreams because of a lack of support. That's why our goal is not only to show girls around us that there is so much more out there for them and...
    • Group Leader: laurenlizz
    • 3 Members
    • Public
    • Minas+Gerais, Brazil
  • We are a student led group of high school students who are passionate about issues concerning girls and women around the world. We strive to educate, support, and defend local, state, national and international programs and policies t...
  • BanAnna Beauty's purpose is to band people together in the fight for world wide change. We work to raise funds, promote awareness, and lend helping hands for projects that are benefiting so many people all across the globe. Our company w...
  • Hello, this is Barnwell County's Girl Up Group! Female community members from Blackville, Williston, Barnwell, and Snelling can be apart of this group. While our head leaders and goals may change our purpose will never fade. To empowe...
    • Group Leader: SerinMera
    • 5 Members
    • Public
    • SC, United States
  • We are driven to help out those in need.
  • Empowering girls to empower Brazil
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