Just a Girl Boss Trying to Give Back 699
Just a Girl Boss Trying to Give Back
In March of 2018, my younger sister and I started our own business, Moodz & Vibez Designs. We believe that there is a word for every mood and vibe, hence the name. We encourage young women to express themselves and not to be afraid to show the world who they are.

We recently launched our Give Back Program. We have multiple designs on our website that give back to some of our favorite charitable organizations. One of the first Give Back products we designed was a pinback button that says "grl pwr". For every grl pwr button that Moodz & Vibez Designs sells, $1 goes back to GirlUp.

As a young woman in business, girl power is my mantra. I joined GirlUp on my campus because I wanted to empower girls across the globe to follow their dreams just like my sister and I did. I believe that every young woman has the power to change the world. My business is still growing and I know that while my donations are not the biggest, I think that together we can all make a difference. 

If your club is interested in doing a fundraiser with the buttons, feel free to contact us!!
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