A Mayor’s Inspiring Words 697
A Mayor’s Inspiring Words
This month, we were fortunate to have the Overland Park mayor, Carl Gerlach, come and speak to club members. He talked in such an engaging manner about the campaigning process and his job as mayor, but it was Mr. Gerlach’s emphasis on service that stood out to attendees. Mayor Gerlach had no political background before becoming mayor and had never thought about running for office. He was (and still is) a man who liked serving the community in various ways to ensure that Overland Park, Kansas was one of the nicest places to live for it’s residents. It was not until someone recognized all the effort that Mayor Gerlach was pouring into the city and recommended that he run for his current position that Mr. Gerlach decided to campaign. The mayor was not concerned with party affiliations because he did not want alterior agendas to get in the way of his goal: to continue to serve his community in a greater capacity. When the mayor won the local elections, he made residents feel that they too won because of all the policy work and changes he has enacted. He works hard to ensure women’s rights, has reconstructed an old part of town to increase business profits, and created a youth council to involve young adults in the decision making process. I found it really inspiring to hear that Mayor Gerlach’s success is rooted in his community service and in his commitment to do good. In an age of rocky politics, it was refreshing to hear from a politician who truly wanted the happiness of others and who did not care about gaining power for selfish reasons. I hope this story inspires you to serve your community because it is such a rewarding activity that can touch the lives of so many.
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