Hot Chocolate Stand - Fundraiser + petition 645
Hot Chocolate Stand - Fundraiser + petition
Last Thursday, Metropolitan School Frankfurt had its first fundraiser of the year, and raised over 200 euros via selling hot chocolate! We sold from around 3:30-5:30, and made more money selling left over hot chocolate during break the next day. Our goal was to rise 100 euros, so it was fantastic that we got nearly double that. It was a great way to make money, especially during such a cold season, however it did take a lot of work and effort. We kept the hot drinks in large thermoses, charged extra for marshmallows and whipped cream and prepared it all in the school kitchens. Simultaneously, we asked our customers to sign the Girls Count Act petition, for a discount of 20 cents. This brought the price down to 1 euro (10 cents) extra for toppings. It was a bit challenging and stressful, being able to make huge batches of hot chocolate and brining it to the stand. However, overall it was an extremely successful event and original idea, and I advise it for other clubs to do as well :)
Blog Share Your Story 11/12/2018