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Who We Are

Who We Are
Girl Up Tangier strives to create an empathetic community full of aware students willing to fight for change even when it doesn't benefit themselves. By educating students within our school community, Girl Up Tangier will enable students with the opportunity to not only teach their peers but others within Tangier and all of Morocco. Through cooperation and a desire to learn, members of Girl Up Tangier will make a difference within their community that they will remember for the rest of their lives and carry the same passion cultivated within Girl Up Tangier.

Girl Up Tangier aims to enable girls within our community to change the lives of adolescence within the region and world. As a club, we also hope to raise awareness for important issues currently facing the world such as health, education, and security. Girl Up Tangier also hopes to bring light to all pressing issues relating to gender inequality, especially those which are easily reversed through education. Furthermore, Girl Up Tangier will work towards a community that is understanding of global issues and aspires to help with such issues.

Our Three Goals For This Year
Goal #1 for school year
Encourage Girls All Around Tangier to Pursue Their Talents and Hobbies: Girl Up Tangier has recognized a pressing issue in our community; which is the lack of encouragement from adults and surrounding citizens for young girls to do what they love and do it good! Therefore, Girl Up Tangier wishes to gather groups of girls at a time and allow them to carry out their hobbies and be able to flourish in them. We want young girls to feel and be aware of the talents they are and have the capabilities and equipment to thrive.
Goal #2 for school year
Help Educate and Positively Influence the Young Women in Our Community: Girl Up Tangier is dedicated this year to organize events and one-on-one consultations with the young women in Tangier, Morocco to help them overcome the fears and burdens that are keeping them from moving forward. We strive to create a safe community for these women where they can feel as equal citizens and become successful women!
Goal #3 for school year
Continuing Working With 100% Mamans and Together Organize a Fundraising Event: This year Girl Up Tangier is eager to continue working with 100% Mamans, an organization that aids the single moms in Morocco, and further build our relations with them. By the end of the year, Girl Up Tangier hopes to have held a fundraising event in which the proceeds go to helping the moms.

Our Work and Progress 
We are currently working with 100% Moms and Project Soar to enable Moroccan teenagers within our community with essential skills to thrive. 100% Mamans is an association that specifically helps young moms from all nationalities who don’t have a home nor a family to go to. Their goals are to protect, feed, shelter, care, and encourage these vulnerable teen moms. This association has done great and successful work one the past years. In addition to all of that, this group also helps the moms develop skills, such as cooking, baking, and knitting, to help them find jobs to provide for themselves. After visiting them for the first time on Friday, March 2, we felt truly touched and inspired by them. We met with the director and discussed ways we can further help them. Thus, we decided to host a clothing drive and donate all the clothes to them; and, plan a day where the young moms can come to AST campus and enjoy a lunch alongside taking an art class where they can exert their feelings into art. Lastly, we attended one of their conferences held at the Kenzi Hotel on Thursday, 22 March to discuss gender inequality and the rights of Women in Morocco.

On Monday, November 29, after school, The Girl Up Club will host a clothing drive under the roof. This means we will host a small charity organization where we will collect all the clothes that will be donated from faculty and students and later that week, more specifically Friday, November 2, the Girl Up team will distribute the clothes to anyone who seems in need of clothes around town in Tangier. Girl Up is a movement uniting girls to change the world. Girls are powerful. When they're educated, healthy, safe, and counted, they transform their communities. Girl Up, the United Nations Foundation's adolescent girl campaign, engages girls to stand up for girls, empowering each other and changing our world. However, Girl Up Tangier doesn't only focus on girls; instead our team loves working together to give back to our community and help create a more positive-minded society. As Girl Up strives to create a utilitarian community, we decided that a clothing drive would be the ideal first Girl Up activity of the school year! Since this month is AWARE month at the American School of Tangier, we believe that this activity is appropriate because it helps make our AST community more aware of the unfortunate situations outside of our gates. Being aware means being informed, alert, and knowledgeable about your surroundings and the world you live in. One of the most pressing concerns the world has today is poverty and homelessness; therefore, Girl Up wants to raise awareness about this matter by hosting an interactive activity where the community not only learns about the issue but also helps solve part of it. 

Get Involved 
Contact us at girl-up@ast.ma if you want to get involved. Please follow us on social media and watch our video of International Women's Day 2018 online at www.ast.ma. Thank you!

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