Keeping Girls in School Act Club Advocacy Meeting 1153
Keeping Girls in School Act Club Advocacy Meeting
This past year, the South Forsyth High School Girl Up came together in the month of January to advocate for the Keeping Girls in School Act. Specifically, at this meeting, we had each of the members the opportunity to reach out to the offices of GA Representatives to inform them about the Keeping Girls in School Act and to request a meet with the representative in regard to cosponsoring the Keeping Girls In School Act. This meeting allowed girls to take a stance and lead as they were also a part of the movement to help break down the barrier that prevents girls from gaining access to education. At this meeting, it allowed the girls in my club to be able to not only hear about this legislation but also advocate by reaching to GA representative to cosponsor the act. It was amazing to see everyone in the club huddled together to hear the conversations on the phone, work together to come up with a script and write talking points. I could see the passion and energy from each girls lighting up the room, where I really had the chance to see how together girls can conquer the impossible. And when I told them about the act passing the House of Representative and on the way to the Senate at the next meets, all of their faces lite up. Truly, regardless of whether are actions were small or big, you are part of a difference and each step towards change is important. With that in mind the meeting truly did empower the girls in our club as it provided them to have their voices be heard and be a part of the movement towards breaking down barrier that prevent girls from gaining access to education. The club formed into a space where each girls could feel comfortable to share her thoughts and seek support when facing obstacles. It truly was a meeting filled with love and comments. 
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