Experience of Gender Sensitisation workshop : Through the eyes of a volunteer 1143
Experience of Gender Sensitisation workshop : Through the eyes of a volunteer
How mindlessly we use the terms sex and gender interchangeably shows how unaware people are about the implications of using such words. I, along with three other volunteers visited Delhi Commonwealth Women's Association School to discuss the issue of gender inequality and equip children with knowledge that would make them question the social constructs at individual as well as group level. We tried to make the session interactive and fun for the children so that they could make the most of it and at the same time learn not to follow the traditional stereotypical notions about gender and sex. We talked about how sayings like "boys don't cry" and "girls are fragile" can be problematic.
We started with a round of introduction and tried to get to know the children by talking about their interests, favourite subjects and what they aspire to be. We showed them documentaries of women who worked relentlessly to achieve their goals and defying the stereotypical ideas that exist in our society. The children enthusiastically participated in the discussion that followed and expressed how such flawed internalisations lead to restricted exposure for both the genders. We encouraged them to speak a dialogue of their favourite movie star of the opposite gender. This activity was conducted in an effort to make them understand how media portrayals a lot of the times are barely inclusive. Children often mindlessly idolize extremely masculine or feminine characters and act in similar ways which also leads them to internalize such traits as ideal ones.
I had a great experience talking to children about the concerned issue. Seeing them actively participate in discussions and activities motivates us to keep going and spreading awareness about gender equality. I am grateful to GirlUp Wings for giving me this opportunity to engage with young minds.
Blog Share Your Story 02/19/2020