Bond with Music 1121
Bond with Music
I keep on working for the betterment of the environment by doing campaigns and spreading awareness. one such day, I went to an NGO for orphan girls where i conducted a plantation drive.there, I asked these girls what do they do during their free time, they replied that they don't have a lot to do, they either just talk or re-read their books, and they expressed that the environment over there was really, I decided to spread the knowledge I have gained. I have done a degree course in Indian classical vocal music. Music relaxes your body and soul,makes boredom go away, and besides this it is also a very important life skill. Learning something new makes you feel happy and confident. When I taught these girls music, they learnt comparatively quickly than many people who came to attend the classes I was going to earlier. They had the desire to learn and a passion for music.
The next time I went there, I got a friend to go along with me to teach them how to draw. The girls were excited to learn something new and felt elated. These skills may also help them in their future lives.
Blog Share Your Story 02/01/2020