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How are you advancing gender equality? No matter what issue you focus on, you are an important part of the movement to realize girls' rights. Share your own story, or read other members' stories - so we can learn from each other and be inspired!

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A Seat At The Table 395

There are a lot of issues in our society, ranging from things like climate change to police brutality to sexual assault. Knowing what you’re passionate about and what you want to change in the world is the first step in starting to make a difference in your communities, your states, and your countries. And while many of us still can’t vote or run for office, ...

Added by sawyertaylorarnold
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Change Begins With You 417

Although the tunnels under Capitol Hill were air-conditioned to combat D.C.’s humid summer weather, my group was drenched in sweat from dashing back and forth between congressional offices. Our last meeting was with Congressman Paul Cook, and we were determined to convince him to co-sponsor our bill, the Protecting Girls’ Access to Education in ...

Added by Connie Wu
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Why You Should Schedule An In-district Meeting With Your Representative Or Senator! 420

Scheduling a meeting with your representative’s office is actually very easy to do and can make a big impact. Here are some reasons why you, a Girl Up supporter, should schedule one!

  1. You can get your point across. Congressional offices field thousands of calls every day, but have way fewer meetings with constituents. If you make the effort to meet ...
Added by Rachel Auslander
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Power To The People 421

At this point in my life, there is nothing in this world that gives me the feeling that politics does. The robust contentment and gratification that comes with making you and your community's voice be heard can still give me goosebumps. The first time I remember this feeling was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in July of 2016. Up until this point, politics ...

Added by LaurenWoodhouse
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The Power Of Your Voice 422

“Saara, what?”


My stomach dropped as I peered at my phone quickly to make sure it wasn’t broken. My best friend repeated it again- one of our favorite high school teachers, a permanent resident with two children and a wife, was being deported.


I was on a bathroom break during my first Minnesota Youth Council retreat, when I received panicked messages ...

Added by Munira Alimire
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Letter Writing With The Club 423
My favorite advocacy moment was the day where my entire Girl Up club got together to write letters to our Senator Ron Johnson. At this point our other Senator, Senator Baldwin, had already agreed to cosponsor S.1580. My Club is very passionate, but not necessarily very vocal about it. I asked them to write this letter to articulate their feelings on ...
Added by AngieJiang
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Achieving A Crazy Idea 433

If you were to tell me 3 months ago I would be a part a club that successfully wrote a statewide declaration approved by the Governor I would probably have told you had enormously high expectations. Little did I know, you would be entirely correct.


Girl Up LPS is a districtwide Girl Up program. We have many committees that work hard and do great work. I am ...

Added by olsonsophia8
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Self-Defense!! 489

As the Madeira team met to begin planning our club's annual women's week we thought to ourselves long and hard about Girl Up's advocacy challenge. The challenge called on our club to get out and get things done to create safe spaces for teenage girls in our community. Our high school being an all female institution seemed like the perfect place not only for ...

Added by tahuja
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Advocating For Children Globally 498

    Youth have the power to change the world. We do not have to wait until we grow up to take action for the causes we care about. However, something sparks that passion within us - an event, or experience that tells us that we have to do something. In our lives, there was an event that inspired us to take action to stop violence against children. In January, ...

Added by Maryam
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2018 Leadership Summit Building Sistership 520
I had a great time in DC during the leadership summit and I also had a great time building sisterships with fellow girl advocates. It was great touring the city, learning about how our government works, and being empowered by the many great speakers that spoke at our summit.(Picture: Me at the far left end)
( Picture: Me in the gray shirt and black shorts)


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