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New Advocacy Curriculum
Girl Up is excited to announce that it has created a new advocacy curriculum, Girls' Voice. This curriculum was created in collaboration with Rise Up over the past two years. This interactive curriculum will walk you through the steps of how to create an effective advocacy campaign. The curriculum can be used as a guide to identify issues that most deeply affect girls in any community and can be of use in developing strategies to empower girls to raise their voices and make tangible change.

We have designed the sessions to be implemented in low-resource settings, but several of the activities require an internet connection and screening of a video. If electronic equipment, internet, or video is not available, most activities can still be implemented with some creative adaptation. This curriculum is currently divided into 10 two-hour sessions that can be conducted weekly, but the sessions are created to be adaptable to your Club meetings. The sessions build on one another and as you get further along you will have a more robust advocacy campaign. This curriculum will jump start advocacy ideas, build trust and relationships in the group, help develop messages and stories, and create action plans. It is important to do the sessions in order to set the girls and group up for success.

During this 10-week curriculum girls will:
  1. Learn what advocacy is and about issues in their community
  2. Learn strategies to effectively communicate and educate their decision-makers
  3. Learn to share their stories and public speaking skills
  4. Create an effective campaign to create change in their communities
Want to inspire and couch adolescent girls to create change in their communities for gender equality? If so, download our Girls’ Voices advocacy curriculum to get started.
Blog Girl Up News 05/28/2019