H.R. 2408 Passed the House! 327
H.R. 2408 Passed the House!
Yay, you did it! You helped get H.R. 2408, ‘Protecting Girls’ Access to Education in Vulnerable Settings Act’, passed in the U.S. House of Representatives! Thanks to your tireless advocacy outreach to your representatives, they passed the bill unanimously through the House. That simply means that all representatives agreed on the bill, which is almost unheard of these days in Congress.

Thank you for calling, emailing, writing, and meeting with your Representatives. Every action helped us get the bill passed through the House. Now, it is onto the Senate, but we need your help again! Just like the House side we need you to advocate to your Senators about why our bill (S. 1580) is important.

Lastly, don’t forget to thank your representative. This was a huge feat to get H.R. 2408 passed through the House, so please let them know how much it means to you. If you need some ideas on how to say thank you, you can check out the ‘Thank You’ video on our Girl Up app. Again, congratulations on all of your hard work paying off – let’s go get it passed in the Senate too! 
Blog Girl Up News 10/04/2017