WHAT kinds of reports are there?

In your club’s group page, select the 'Reports' tab! On the right side you will see three options:
  • Kick-off: This report helps you set your top three goals for the year, let us know who the club leaders, count the number of club members, and provide the adult adviser's name and email, if your club has one. WHEN TO SUBMIT: At the beginning of the school-year, or whenever you start your club. 
  • Progress: Progress reports are a great way to check-in with your goals, membership numbers, and how your club is doing overall. WHEN TO SUBMIT: At the end of the first term of the school year (or halfway through the year) and another one at the end of the school year.
  • Activity: This type of report is for any club activity, from club meetings, advocacy activities, events or community outreach. Select the correct 'Activity Type' so you can earn points for the type of activity your club completed. Be sure to attach a picture if you can, you’ll get extra points and possibly a shout-out on Girl Up's social media! WHEN TO SUBMIT: after any club activity.
Activity types:
  1. Club meeting (25 points) 
  2. Tabling (50 points)
  3. Fundraiser (100 points)
  4. Create a PSA (100 points)
  5. Film Screening (100 points)
  6. Community Service Outing (100 points)
  7. Local Media (200 points)
  8. Calls to Congress (your government legislators/officials) (200 points)
  9. School Assembly (200 points)
  10. Host an Event (350 points)
  11. Letters to Congress (your government legislators/officials) (350 points)
  12. Club Challenge (500 points)
  13. Meeting with Congress (your government legislators/officials) (500 points)

WHERE do I submit reports?

Go to 'My Girl Up' on the left side the Community tabs, click 'My Groups,' select your club, then click on 'Reports' on the tab on your club's homepage. Can’t find it? Email clubs@girlup.org


WHY should I submit activity reports?

  • Earn points! More details here: http://clubs.girlup.org/points
  • Be an active club by regularly submitting reports. If you have not submitted a report in a while, or feel that you haven’t done that many activities DO NOT WORRY.  Girl Up wants to support your club, let you know about events in your area, and make sure you earn some SWAG.
  • Get a shout-out on Girl Up's social media, monthly newsletter, or weekly club of the week in Girl Up Club News!
  • Goal-setting and accountability are skills you use in school, university, and in any career. These skills help you plan your activities, from club meetings to bake sales to guest speaker events. Girl leaders have said this part of reports makes them feel accomplished and confident.
  • Win prizes at the end of the school year and at the annual Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C!

Did you know...

If you are a new club then you will receive your welcome package, including a CLUB LEADER BOOK, in the mail after you submit the Kick-off report!

We suggest you aim for 5 activities per term. The activities outlined in the club leader book, tool kits and resources are there for you to use as a guide to replicate OR to use for inspiration, feel free to explore different activities and make your Girl Up club truly your own!  Want to participate in a Girl Up-wide activity with other clubs world wide? Check out club challenges, there is always a challenge or two going on. http://clubs.girlup.org/challenges

You can apply to receive up to $500 each year from a club grant to spend on club activities. Fill out a quick application form here:  http://clubs.girlup.org/forms/category/29 

Advocacy is taking action to bring about political or social change. There are many different ways to advocate — in your local community, at a national level, and even globally. http://clubs.girlup.org/advocate

Send funds in the mail as a check or online by creating a Classy account! Keep in mind that while fundraising is not a requirement, the funds that you do raise will support UN agencies like UNICEF in their work to bring gender equity for every girl, everywhere. http://clubs.girlup.org/fundraise