Regional Leaders

Trained Regional Leaders help support the growing network of Girl Up Clubs around the world. Reach out to your awesome Regional Leader for support!

U.S. Northeast Leader

Tanya Devani
Harvard University
Message Tanya to get connected.

U.S. South Leader

Nehal Jain
Duke University
Message Nehal to get connected.

U.S. Midwest Leader

Lindsey Baglione
DePaul University
Message Lindsey to get connected.

U.S. West Leader

Danielle Kirchoff 
University of Arizona
Message Danielle to get connected. 

European Leader

Mailys Ardit
European Continent Girl Up HQ Leader (based in France)
Message Mailys to get connected

African Continent Leader

Musonda Chikwanda                                                                 
African Continent Girl Up HQ Leader (based in Zambia)
Message Musonda to get connected.

Monica Madulira - Malawi Leader (based in Malawi)
Message Monica to get connected.

Latin American Leader

Barbara (Bita) Aranda     
Latin America Girl Up HQ Leader - Based in Mexico
Message Bita to get connected

Oceania Leader

Sarah Gulley
Oceania Regional Leader - Based in New Zealand
Message Sarah to get connected.

Coalition Leaders

Coalitions currently exist in areas where there are a large concentration of Girl Up Clubs. Connect with your Coalition Leader to find out what's going on in your area!

Boston Coalition

Kiera Fair
Boston, MA
Message Kiera to get connected.

Charlotte Coalition

Alexandra Riginos
Charlotte, NC
Message Alexandra to get connected.

Chicago Coalition

Roshni Padhi
Chicago, IL
Message Roshni to get connected.

DMV Coalition

Lee Schwartz 
Chevy Chase, MD
Message Lee to get connected.

LA Coalition

Sophia Danielpour
Los Angeles, CA
Message Sophia to get connected.

NorCal Coalition

Lakshmi Balram
San Jose, CA
Message Lakshmi to get connected.

New Jersey Coalition

Rithika Athreya
Montgomery Township, New Jersey
Message Rithika to get connected. 

NYC Coalition

Allison Levin & Rebecca Fairweather
New York, NY
Message Allison or message Rebecca to get connected. 

Portland Coalition

Emma Cooper
Portland, OR
Message Emma to get connected.

San Diego Coalition

Shushu Crevoshay & Louise Bonaventure
San Diego, CA
Message Shushu or message Louise to get connected. 

South Florida Coalition

Shayla Zamora
West Palm Beach, FL
Message Shayla to get connected.

Upstate New York Coalition

Morgan Wood
Binghamton, NY
Message Morgan to get connected.

Southeast Texas Coalition

Lauren Yang  
Houston, TX
Message Lauren to get connected

Arizona Coalition

Ali Cohen
Chandler, Arizona
Message Ali to get connected

Toronto/Canada Coalition

Maryam and Nivaal Rehman
Toronto, ON, Canada
Message Maryam and Nivaal to get connected.

Seattle Coalition

Eugenie Park
Seattle, WA
Message Eugenie to get connected.

Atlanta Coalition

Tyra Gravesande & Cassidy Lopes
Message Tyra  or message Cassidy to get connected.

Pennsylvania Coalition

Lindsay Gallagher 
Villanova, PA
Message Lindsayto get connected.

New Zealand Coalition

Sophie Handford
Paraparaumu, New Zealand 
Message Sophie to get connected.

Northern Texas

Melanie Che
Message Melanie to get connected.

Monterrey Coalition

Valeria Colungal
Monterrey, Mexico
Message Valeria to get connected

Nebraska Coalition

Ina Bhoopalam 
Message Ina to get connected

Asheville Coalition

Audrey Meigs  
Asheville, NC
Message Audrey to get connected