Community Guidelines

The mission of the Girl Up Community is to foster communication and collaboration between Girl Up Clubs and campus groups around the world, and to provide Girl Up members with direct access to Girl Up staff and exclusive club resources.  With that in mind, we've set the following community guidelines for appropriate use and member behavior within the site.

Dos and Donts

Do personalize your profile with pictures and information about yourself.
Don’t post content that is inappropriate for the Girl Up Club network.
Clubs members are a tight knit group of Girl Up's most active supporters and part of a social network. That means we like seeing your status updates and pictures of your family, friends, pets, vacation spots, etc… because that helps us get to know you!  However, please avoid content that people might find offensive. Girl Up reserves all rights to delete any inappropriate content posted in the community and remove the user who posted such content.

Do make your voice heard.
Don’t offend others.

Our community is about all about communications.  Jump in and participate in the Chat. Add encouraging comments to blogs or events! At all times, keep lines of communication open and respectful.  Please remember that sarcasm and jokes sometimes don’t translate well digitally. There is zero tolerance for inappropriate content or bullying. This includes hate speech, sexual harrassment, spam and rude behavior. Girl Up reserves the right to ban any community user who disobeys this particular guideline.

Do share your successes with the Community.
Don't advertise, solicit, spam or fundraise for organizations/initiatives outside of Girl Up. 

We want you to report back and share all your great activities, events and accomplishments, duh! And we know you're probably involved with a lot of other great charities. But this site is exclusively meant for Girl Up and we ask that you not solicit, advertise, or promote products or services affailiated with outside companies and/or organizations. This is a place to engage with other Girl Up supporters in a positive way, not sell a product or service. Though we appreciate your passion for girls' empowerment worldwide, we reserve the right to remove any postings that promote fundraising opportunities for other organizations.

Do use the community to collaborate with other clubs.
Don’t intrude on conversations or join other club pages without being invited.

Girl Up's network is global - and the community provides an amazing opportunity to connect with other club and campus members from around the world (or maybe from right in your own neighborhood). Feel free to message or "friend" anyone you'd like to collaborate with in the community. In turn, please be respectful of other club pages and only join groups in which you are officially a member. Girl Up reserves the right to remove users from groups of which they are not a part.

Do use other social media platforms to build support for your club. 
Don’t forget to post that content in the community, too. 

In an ideal world, all of your Girl Up Club activities should be posted and reflected in the community. The community is the best way for Girl Up staff to stay up-to-date on your achievements and answer all your questions. We know that you might have other ways of communicating with your club like Facebook, Tumblr, etc. If you primarily use other platforms, please make an effort to post that content in the community as well. Not only does it help out Girl Up, but it can offer inspiration to other clubs around the world! 

Do re-register your club every school year. 
Don’t let your club page go inactive.

Your registration as an official Girl Up Club lasts for one year. That means you have exactly one year from when you registered to complete five activities as a club and to submit reports for these activities on your club page. Active clubs are also expected to submit fall and spring semester reports. No matter when you register, we ask all clubs to re-register in September so we can keep our records updated. If your club page becomes inactive after one year--and you have not re-registered, Girl Up reserves the right to delete your page from the community including from the official Girl Up Club and Campus directories. If you have any questions about the community or your club page, email

For Girl Up's privacy policy terms, please visit

Internet Safety Pledge

Girl Up Internet Safety Pledge

1. I will not give out personal information such as my last name, address, telephone number(s), and the name and location of my school without the permission of my parents or guardian.

2. I will flag any inappropriate content I come across for Girl Up staff to handle. I will tell an adult right way if I receive any information that makes me feel threatened or uncomfortable.

3. I will not share or upload personal photos of myself without the consent of a parent/guardian. I will not post photos of my friends and club members without their permission.

4. I will talk with my parents or guardian so that we can set up rules for going online. I will NEVER agree to get together with someone I “meet” online without first checking with my parents or guardian.  If my parents/guardians agree to a meeting, I will arrange it in a public place and bring a parent or guardian along.

5. I will not engage in bullying, hurtful or offensive remarks to others, using bad language or spamming.

6. I will not send or forward images or information that might embarrass, hurt or harass someone.  Nor will I take anyone’s information and use it to damage their reputation.