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Chatham Girl Up is the chapter on Chatham University's campus that advocates for the betterment of girls internationally. We do this through advocating politically in the US, fundraising, and educating the people around us. Chatham's chapter takes the 5 pillars of Girl Up (Advocacy, Health, Safety and Violence, Education, Leadership, and Being Counted) and apply them to Pittsburgh residents in and girls/women in developing countries. We are a service based organization and we try to always find opportunities to help.     
1 Woodland Road
Chatham University
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
United States

Group News

This semester we are focusing on the Being Counted pillar and focusing on women and children who are often overlooked, forgotten, or not even recognized by their government. Some events we're doing this semester are a clothing drive for the Women's Center and Shelter, a book club where we are reading The Underground Girls of Kabul,and hopefully more!



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