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Girl Up NorCal

Currently Ranked #1 in the Globe

Girl Up NorCal focuses on empowering girls through advocating for female rights in education and leadership opportunities. Located in areas of high technology, venture capital, and innovation, we have identified that many corporate sectors lack female representation in leadership positions. Our mission is to help girls discover their potentials and to inspire/train them to become future leaders. We believe that education is essential for girls to gain the necessary skills and confidence to become a successful leader.

Our organization has accomplished contributing to the passing of a few female-in-education bills, speaking to political figures/government officials about women and education opportunities, planning long-term charity projects, and planning booster events at low-income schools.

In the process, we aim to unite the community under the collective effort of empowering females, advocating for women's rights, and challenging the stigmas girls face in society. 

We are all inclusive, regardless of your background (gender, socioeconomic, race, etc)! Join us on our movement!
Founded by Annie Pan

CA 95129
United States



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