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Standing Up Against Child Marriage
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“21% of girls in Pakistan are married before their 18th birthday and 3% are married before the age of 15”


The first time I read this sentence,it sent chills down my spine.I knew that child marriage is something that needed to go obsolete in order for girls in Pakistan to prosper as it leads to epidemics such as low literacy rate of girls and low of mortality rates of mothers after child birth.Through my siblings who are both doctors I found out that this low mortality rate is not just because of the health system but also because of the fact that girls at a very young age are giving birth which makes it difficult for them to survive the experience of child birth.


I knew I wanted to do something about this problem so I turned to social media for help.I started an online campaign to raise awareness about this issue which involved me making posters and cards stating facts regarding child marriage.I thrived to get attention of local lawmakers on this issue so that a change in the law could take place.


In April 2019,the senate of Pakistan passed a bill to fix marriage age as 18 for girls.This came after years and years of campaign by many organizations calling end to child marriage.I will most definitely not take credit of this success because I just started my fight against child marriage,however,I am proud of the fact that I was part of the campaign that led to this change.Girl up provided me with the confidence to take this step and made me realize that I should raise my voice and it doesn’t matter if anyone is listening or not because someday,someone will.This fight against child marriage is not yet won and there’s a long way to go,however, I will advocate against it for as long as I can because my voice combined with thousands of others will make a difference someday.

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