A Journey From A Commoner To An Advocate

Well, I can still recall how my mom and dad used to scold me over my studies. How they thought that being born as girl means "You have to be conservative, always at a low tone, behind the safe zone bars..." and what not!
Now, when I look at my journey six years back, I really feel that lots and lots of things have changed.
How from being a geek girl in my high school today I am the one who stood against the male dominated spirit fighting the college elections. India from ages has reflected it's clear inclination towards a male dominated prospect. But now, It's high time enough. We need to break this dogma. We need to raise our voice high enough. Today, I'm a girl pursuing her law graduation degree. I want to be the voice of millions of girls unheard not only in India but also across the globe. I Want to drive a revolution through which each and every parent of a girl child be proud to have one. 
I want to say it aloud that "Now, it's enough of you all taunting the parents of having only a girl child." I am a girl, the daughter and a sister of anather girl. I'll be soon an advocate by profession and my lil sister dreams to be a fighter pilot!!!

Listen it clear- Yes, A woman fighter Pilot!
So, it all began when my dad who was happy anticipating a boy child this time when my mom was pregnant. But and that's a big but! When we all got to know that my mom gave birth to a girl child. My lil sweet sister. 
Yeah, we all were happy to have her. BUT! Would have been happiest if we got a baby boy.
But never mind..things went along by time. Same Gender dogma, same taunts in the society "So you got two daughters- no SON ha?!!" 
I started realizing the changes soon. I was getting into my adolescent age. Restrictions began. No to dance! No to short Clothes! No to going outside the house after 6pm! And what not... 
But I decided to fight! To stand not among the crowd but to get heard aloud! I decided to choose my profession myself! I Rebelled.. I can't be in closed doors all along. I want to advocate for a cause. I want to become a lawyer. 
I joined Girl Up at my Ninth standard. I was driven by a huge storm inside. Reading the impact stories of Girls around the globe striving hard for their rights, I felt motivated and inspired. I was one among them. Yes, I can be the Change I want to see in the world! 

And then, all along I never got my foot back. Choosing law as my profession, I advocate for girl rights in my locality. I have my girl up campus "The Goodwill Girl Up India". Engage local bodies, Government schools and underprivileged ones from Slum area to work towards making our space safe for girls. Let them get their education! Let them decide! Give them platform to be heard.!!

I'm happy that today, my little sister who is in 7th standard dreams to be a fighter pilot.
Yes! A woman fighter pilot in India.
Posted by Shivani Verma on Dec 22, 2018 3:58 AM America/New_York