Achieving A Crazy Idea

If you were to tell me 3 months ago I would be a part a club that successfully wrote a statewide declaration approved by the Governor I would probably have told you had enormously high expectations. Little did I know, you would be entirely correct.


Girl Up LPS is a districtwide Girl Up program. We have many committees that work hard and do great work. I am head of the advocacy committee so I have a bit of bias in saying that our advocacy team has some of the best and brightest girls I have had the pleasure of meeting. We’ve done great things as a committee, we’ve collected over 100 advocacy cards, meet with the office of a state senator and held a successful advocacy boot camp for 8-12 grade students in our city. One of our greatest accomplishments though, was having our Governor declared October 11, 2018 as Nebraska Day of the Girl.


We started out the adventure of obtaining this by researching how to submit applications to receive a declaration. Our focus was mostly on obtaining one from the Mayor of our city, obtaining one from the governor was a far off dream for us. After researching both city and statewide proclamations, we found that the process of submitting a proclamation request was far easier to do for the governor than the mayor. The Governor had a space on his website to fill out your contact information and proclamation that you have wrote to send to his office for consideration.  It is a fairly easy process and I am sure many of you have similar state government sites.


While the submission process is fairly easy, the writing of a proclamation is not as easy. When I sat down to write a proclamation I had absolutely zero sense of what a proclamation needs or should look like. That being said, its super easy to look up example proclamations on the internet to help get a feel for how one should look. It is a daunting writing process, but I believe each and everyone of you reading this has the ability to write an amazing proclamation!


In the end, the process of getting a proclamation from our governor for a Nebraska Day of the Girl was written and sent in a wild hope that we could achieve the challenge. It can feel risky to put your writing and ideas out there, but in the end I know that you have the ability to write something that is profound and worth creating a whole day for.


Posted by olsonsophia8 on Feb 8, 2018 8:49 PM EST