Letter Writing With The Club

My favorite advocacy moment was the day where my entire Girl Up club got together to write letters to our Senator Ron Johnson. At this point our other Senator, Senator Baldwin, had already agreed to cosponsor S.1580. My Club is very passionate, but not necessarily very vocal about it. I asked them to write this letter to articulate their feelings on exactly why universal girls education was so important to them.
Every girl eagerly got a pencil and paper out of their backpack and got to work. I was prepared to feed them lines or ideas for filler for their letter. That was not the case. Most finished before even I did in writing their letters.
I asked for a couple of volunteers to read their letters out. Again, my club is pretty timid, so I wasn't expecting any hands. To my surprise at least four girls raised their hands to read their letters. 
Each one of them had their own unique story about why they care about girls education and gave their opinions compellingly. I was so proud when girls from all grades, even first-years, spoke up. 
This experience reminded me of the energy and passion within each and every girl up community member. Even if we aren't the most vocal, even if we don't speak out at every opportunity, doesn't mean we don't care. Each action in conjunction matters. Whether that's one advocacy card, one letter, one phone call, or one in-district meeting. All these actions matter. You Matter.

Posted by AngieJiang on Jan 31, 2018 10:52 AM EST