Why You Should Schedule An In-district Meeting With Your Representative Or Senator!

Scheduling a meeting with your representative’s office is actually very easy to do and can make a big impact. Here are some reasons why you, a Girl Up supporter, should schedule one!

  1. You can get your point across. Congressional offices field thousands of calls every day, but have way fewer meetings with constituents. If you make the effort to meet with your representative or a member of their staff face-to-face, you will stand out and they will understand how much you care about the issues that you are speaking about. You can actually have a conversation, rather than simply state your stance on a bill or issue.
  2. You can form a relationship with your representative’s office. If your representative supports the issue or bill that you are discussing with them, you might be able to work together with them to write an op-ed for your local newspaper or have an event to spread the word about the bill to other members of your community. 
  3. You can demonstrate that teenagers want to have a voice in local and national government! You'll stand out in your representative's office simply because you are a teenager. It's the job of Congress to hear from all constituents and take their opinions into consideration.
  4. It’s fun! It might seem intimidating to speak to a staffer, but they're genuinely interested in hearing from youth in their community! An in-district meeting is just another forum for you to discuss Girl Up, and who wouldn't want to do that! :) Your meeting doesn't have to be limited to a single topic - you can also mention any other issues you care about!

You should schedule a meeting to discuss the Protecting Girls' Access to Education in Vulnerable Settings Act (S.1580) right now!

Posted by Rachel Auslander on Jan 30, 2018 6:25 PM EST