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Girl Up Club and Coalition Logos
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Hi, Girl Up Club and Coalition members! Last year, I served as the Director of Audio and Visuals for the Nebraska Coalition, and I learned how to work with the new Girl Up branding guidelines. I've noticed that a lot of new clubs are unaware of these guidelines when creating their new club logos. The new Girl Up club logo is downloadable on the resources page of the community. Your Girl Up club name can go under or above the Girl Up logo. However, the Girl Up logo should have the length of the "U" outlining its composition. I've noticed a lot of new clubs putting their Club name too close to the Girl Up logo, which can make the overall logo look really cramped. Additionally, for all marketing materials like logos, sponsorship decks, and ads, the new Girl Up colors and logos should be used. The Girl Up Brand and Logo Guidelines are available on the resources page of the community! Happy designing! An example of an acceptable logo is attached.
Primary Palette:
Girl Up Pink CMYK 9, 86, 0, 0 RGB 218, 74, 154 HEX #da4a9a
Girl Up Blue CMYK 71, 30, 6, 0 RGB 71, 148, 198 HEX #4794c6
Girl Up Purple CMYK 73, 91, 31, 18 RGB 91, 51, 103 HEX #5b3367
Acceptable Fonts:
Proxima Nova Bold
Proxima Nova Regular
Gnuolane Bold
For designing, Canva is a great resource, as it is easy to use and free. For more advanced designers, Adobe Illustrator is a good option for creating more complex designs like a summit logo, club leader book, sponsorship deck etc. 

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