Every girl/ woman deserves free pads especially those girls in the rural areas especially in Nigeria . It will shock you to know that so many of this girls use their cloths or same rappers used my their mothers during their flow. Which is so sad. Study has shown that 70 percent of girls in rural places miss school for at least 4 days each months over menstruation. This issues are not talked about in Nigeria cos we have more issues like starvation, poverty and many struggles of life but this issue is very very important. The truth is they are not comfortable using cloths or tissue. 

Lack of pads/ poor menstrual Hygiene can cause urinary tract infection, vaginal infections as well as growth in the private region. Some woman go through genital infection or pelvic pains which may lead to infertility. 

Lack of pads has made this girls/ women make use unsterilized cloths/tissue  as a means during their mensural cycle. And we all know that most of this cloths are not properly taken care of and the tissue as well are made from old newspapers. Imagine these girls using it . During this program more than 500 girls in rural areas were provided with free pads to ensure a healthy menstrual cycle. #GIVETHEMFREEPADS 

Posted by Preshsampson on Nov 2, 2019 6:42 PM America/New_York