Fundraiser Spotlight: Hood River High School Fundraises Over $6,000 For SchoolCycle

Hood River High School Girl Up Club in Portland, OR has been on a roll with all of their SchoolCycle fundraising efforts. Club leaders like Eva Jones  have been working hard to put together events in their community to not only raise funds to give bikes to girls in Malawi but raise awareness about the issues girls face in developing countries when obtaining an education. Below see the activities and fundraisers that HRHS Girl Up Club are doing to raise funds for SchoolCycle:

1. Coffee SchoolCycle Fundraiser (August) - $4,260
 "Our August Coffee Fundraiser raised $4,300 in 6 weeks. We sold local Guatemalan blend coffee with SchoolCycle logos for $16 a pound and sold 387 bags of coffee total. Our lead fundraisers were Emma Roholt, Vice President, Lily and Izzy Simpson, Celia Acosta, Grace Skakel, Secretary/Reporter, Carmen Foley, and myself Eva Jones, President and Founder. We sold over social media, door to door, calling friends and family, and setting up booths at community events. This was an incredibly successful fundraiser and way to establish our club into our community, as it is our first year." 

2. Girl Rising Screening (October) - $2,400

Hood River High School Girl Up Club reached out to their local theatre, sold tickets ahead of time and spread the word to everyone they knew to come to a screening of Girl Rising and raise funds for SchoolCycle. They had incredible activities like an announcement of what SchoolCycle is to attendees and even raffling off prizes to attendees! They obtained local sponsors to help put together the event! Way to go HRHS Girl Up Club!

3. He Named Me Malala (November 7)  - TBD 
Girl Up can't wait for their next fundraiser screening He Named Me Malala! Clubs can request a DVD here. 

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Posted by Rocio on Oct 13, 2017 3:57 PM America/New_York