Advocacy August

It is Advocacy August, and we are excited to share a blog post with you from one of our awesome Teen Advisors, Angie Jiang, about ways she will be advocating this August:
“Hey Girls! I'm Angela (Angie) Jiang and I'm a current Teen Advisor for the year 2017-2018. If you're anything like me, you came back from the 2017 Leadership Summit and Lobby Day with a reignited passion for advocacy and promoting girls’ education... but also extreme exhaustion. Don't pass out on your couch just yet, you still have some work to do! Although meeting in person with a bunch of powerful, outspoken, and passionate teenage girls is hard to forget, your senators and representatives are very busy. One way to remind them about all of your passion is to follow up online! It'll just take 10 minutes but head on over to the Girl Up website and go to Ways to Advocate. From this page, you'll see different ways to get in touch with the people you just met.
Personally, I used the "Send an Email" template to contact all five of the staffers that the Wisconsin Girls and I met with, and personalized my emails to each staffer depending on how well I thought the meeting went. You can also use the Girl Up app that you all downloaded to tweet at your representatives and senators. They love the passion and attention that you exude through social media!
Lastly, something very important are the advocacy cards that were on each of your tables at the Leadership Summit. Although a singular advocacy card seems impersonal, a whole stack of advocacy cards demonstrates that their constituents (you!!!) care and are serious about issues that face refugee girls worldwide. Get together with your club members, people you met through the summit, friends, and family and print off some advocacy cards and mail them to GirlUp who will distribute them to your Senators and Representatives! Here's the instructions on how to utilize and send out advocacy cards and here's a link to the PDF of the advocacy cards which you can print from (they can also be found in the Community on the Advocate page). It's important that you print the Advocacy Cards double-sided so that they're formatted correctly and no glue will have to be involved. If you don't have a printer at home, head to a local library who will most likely let you print from their facilities for very cheap. If all else fails don't be scared to request some from Girl Up Staff here! The Girl Up staff have plenty of extras from the summit and would be happy to send them to you and your club members.
I just want to thank each and every one of you for making this summit so extraordinary. I loved meeting people from all over the country as well as all over the world. Just know that you have made and will continue to make a change in this world through your work with Girl Up especially through advocacy for HR 2408. If you have any questions on advocacy feel free to contact the Girl Up staff or me at . So long and see you on the community!  - Angie Jiang”
For more ways on how to call, write, email, or meet with your members of Congress - and to find out whether your Representative already co-sponsors the bill, check out the Advocacy page. You can also use your Girl Up Advocacy app to see when your members of Congress will be home (check under "Calendar") and find the latest advocacy talking points. 
Posted by Kirsten Elizabeth Foster on Aug 1, 2017 10:12 AM America/New_York