Top 10 Fundraising Clubs Of The Year!

Congratulations, Girl Up leaders! You have all done an incredible job during the 2016-17 school year in all your advocacy, service, awareness raising, and fundraising! 

Seriously, you have so much to be proud of - over 175 clubs fundraised and we had a record-breaking yearI Now let's see if we can break this next year and keep the momentum going!

Special shout-outs go to the Top 10 fundraising clubs of the year!

1st Place: Girl Up Houston raised $9,826! WOW!
2nd Place: Girl Up Andover raised $7,882! Incredible!
3rd Place: Frankfurt International School Girl Up raised $5,770! Amazing!
4th Place: Alice Deal Middle School Girl Up raised $4,800! So proud!
5th Place: Pine Crest Girl Up (Students for Gender Equality) raised $7,781! Congratulations!
6th Place: BCCS Girl Up raised $4,720! Awesome job!
7th Place: LILA Girl Up raised $4,061! Fantastic!
8th Place: New Trier Girl Up club raised $3,864! Wonderful!
9th Place: Forest Hills Girl Up raised $3,448! Right on!
10th Place: Unionville Girl Up raised $3,403! Way to go!
Posted by BaileyGirlUp on Jul 20, 2017 12:40 PM America/New_York